Insurance Fraud

​Insurance Fraud​​

Blackhorse Investigations is experienced in performing interviews of claimants and witnesses for Workman's Compensation claims. Our detailed reports assist insurance adjusters and examiners in deciding further investigation such as surveillance of the subject of if the insurance company is going to pursue subrogation for reduced liability. ​​

We provide Workman's Comp surveillance in Tucson and surrounding areas, as well as anywhere in Arizona.  Blackhorse Investigations' skilled and experienced investigators know the intricacies of operating covertly and still obtain the best evidence possible that will withstand scrutiny in court, as it is obtained ethically and legally.

Our investigator's goal is to provide insurance companies the best evidence possible, the best communication and the most accurate and detailed reporting in the industry.

If you are an adjuster or examiner that needs professional Workman's Compensation interviews, reporting and surveillance, look not further and call us today for a free estimate of our services.  You will find that our competitive rates and service are second to none.