​Domestic cases


You are likely reading this because you need help in finding out more about a situation with your significan other or just trying to confirm or discomfirm a suspicion that your loved one is cheating on you with someone else.  This is a very difficult thing to go through, so many emotions run through you, including the feeling of being distracted in everything that you do at home and at work.

Blackhorse Investigations is experienced in gathering the information you need for closure.  You may need to know if your significant other is cheating because you need to provide proof in court, or you just want it out in the open to end the relationship. For some, it is even used to begin to repair the marriage, as some relationships do survive infidelity.  

During your free consultation with Blackhorse Investigations, we will listen you as you explain what type of results you seek and what services you will need. We can tailor an investigative plan to fit your needs and budget.  Surveillance may be needed to provide the information you require. Whatever the case may be, Blackhorse Investigations will help you in obtaining the truth in a legal and ethical manner.

While we cannot garuantee the results, we can assure you that your case will be handled with discretion and professionalism, by an experienced investigator.

Evidence may be provided in the form of video, photos, records checks and you will receive a detailed report of the investigation.  Call us for a free and confidential consultation.